What is Minus?

Minus is a fun new way to share photos and chat with people nearby. Join the live photo stream around you in real-time. Look around and interact with the people and world around you and make new friends! We are the location based photo sharing and chat app connecting you with those physically around you.

Why sign up for Minus?

  • Find awesome people nearby and see what they are sharing.
  • Chat with friends and users around you in private, instantly.
  • Share photos and capture everyday moments.
  • Keep up with your friends and favorite users.
  • Customize your profile and share your current mood.
  • Free + unlimited photo sharing and messaging.

What are some ways to use Minus?

  • Make new friends near you now and expand your network. At an airport, café, anywhere.

  • Find and meet activity partners nearby that share similar interests.
  • Share interesting pictures to everyone near you right now.

What is the Minus story?

Founded by Carl and John in September of 2010, Minus started with a mission to simplify the way people share photos around the web. Today, we are continuing with our pursuit to simplify sharing on the Android and iOS platform by helping users share and connect with the people nearby.

Why is Minus absolutely free?

Our goal is to create a world-class product and experience for our users and the business model will follow. We can see many ways Minus can monetize itself.

Minus is venture funded by IDG Capital Partners, a global network of venture capital funds with a portfolio of over 220 companies built over the last 15 years.

How does Minus share my location with other users nearby?

Other users can’t pinpoint your exact location and we display only the approximate distance . Unlike other location apps, Minus DOES NOT run in the background to update your location and drain battery life. Your location is only updated when you open the app.

What kind of notifications will I receive from Minus app?

You should only be notified when a Minus user messages you.

What is the technology behind Minus?

Minus uses the latest Cloud computing technologies. We're fully deployed on Amazon's EC2 and S3 Cloud storage.

How can I help?

The easiest way to help is to invite your friends and spread the word and share Minus! Share new stuff, tell your friends, your family, your mailman, or anyone else about Minus! Post and share on forums, blogs, Reddit, Digg, Facebook, YouTube, or anywhere. Just get the word out and have fun with Minus!

How often will there be updates?

We aim to release updates weekly with changelog posted on our blog. Be sure to subscribe to our blog.

How can I contact you guys?

Simply head on over to our contact page.